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Me Made May 2016 A Change in Mindset

I have had a really enjoyable Me Made May. It is the first time I have joined in with an online project like this, but I am sure it won't be my last.  The idea is to wear a handmade item each day for the month of May. Some people record this with photos across social media, but it is much more about celebrating what you have stitched/ knitted, and discovering what lots of other creative people are up to in your local area, and across the globe.

I have sewn a lot in recent years but often I finish a project and then pop it in the wardrobe and go back to my default, comfortable clothes.  I do the school run five days a week and to a certain degree I have the mentality that I will save the clothes for a  special occasion.



The best think about Me Made May is that it has changed my mindset. Wearing clothes you have stitched with your own hands makes you feel proud and happy, so why not repeat the experience as often as possible? I sometimes worry that people might think I am trying to show off, but I also realised this is pretty daft too.  I love dressmaking. I put a lot of time and effort into practising techniques and learning my craft. I share my knowledge, and help others to make their own clothes whenever I can. So I suppose there is nothing to feel guilty about. That is my biggest takeaway - create what you love and enjoy wearing it. Through teaching, my goal in the next 12 months is to try and get lots more people to this happy place. 

I started two new projects during May and challenged myself to learn some new skills with a fitted shirt and hooded jacket.


The kids joined in too and I appreciate each time they wear something I make for them as I know it could become uncool at any time!


Oh and I also discovered lots of gaps in my handmade wardrobe which must be filled, especially trousers and simple tops in solid colours.  Thank you Me Made May for verifying the need for more fabric and pattern purchases in the coming months! Thank you also to Zoe for making all of this happen, and roll on 2017. 

Please stick around and read my interview from the May issue of Sew Magazine here.


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