The story of how I began making pictures September 21, 2015 22:01

Many of the pictures that I create show animals fast asleep in their bed, snuggled beneath a cosy quilt. The original inspiration was a nursery rhyme I sang to all of my 3 children at many of the local playgroups I used to go to. The words tell the story of a bunny who lays down and goes to sleep (the children all copied this and were deadly still) and then wakes up and hops around (they all then jumped wildly around the room).  It was basically everybody's favourite and was very sweet to watch, and I sang it hundreds of times so it is ingrained in my mind. 

About 4 years ago I made some quick sketches of sleeping bunnies.  I then took my daughter's toy bunny wrapped up in a quilt I had sewn for her dolls, and took a photo. I made a drawing from this and then decided to have a go at making it using different materials. 

There has never been a shortage of Liberty fabric in my house.  My love for the soft Tana lawn began aged 7 when my nan took me on regular weekend trips to the mill where it was printed in Burnley.  I started a little collection which has steadily grown to embarrassing proportions over the years.


I used the Liberty to make a simple patchwork quilt. This is a skill I learnt in Canada over 10 years ago now, and all my children have full size quilts on their beds (and a few more besides).The soft white wadding which usually forms the middle of a quilt seemed just right the bunny's fur.  I embroidered the sun in the background (in the song the bunny sleeps until noon) and I created details using freemotion embroidery on my sewing machine. This is a technique I taught myself and to me it feels like drawing with the needle, filling in the details and adding my own artistic touches.

Once it was finished, my daughter Edie loved the picture and I received positive comments on it from my family and friends. I immediately thought of more miniature quilts and animals that I wanted to create.  And so it went from there.