Kristin Davis commission - the story October 01, 2015 07:00

I recently featured in an article in my regional newspaper The Yorkshire Post, partly because of a celebrity commission I made for US actress Kristin Davis.  For those of you who don't live up here in the beautiful North, here is the story.

Last summer I was quite new to Twitter and overexcited at the thought of following interesting people who I admire and enjoy hearing about. Sex and the City is my favourite TV series of all time.  I watched it with my lovely friend Johanna at University and later with my husband Paul.  I loved the characters, New York and the costumes by Pat Field. I still watch it now, and I am instantly happy and want to get out my sewing machine and run up crazy, Carrie-inspired outfits, and have a reason to wear them, rather than just on the school-run!

So I was following Kristin Davis and she was starring in Fatal Attraction in the West End and tweeting pretty regularly about bunnies, for obvious reasons.  In the meantime I was sewing a new bunny picture, sleeping in a Liberty quilt (see earlier blog post), when the idea came to make it for Kristin's daughter. Her name is Gemma Rose and in my Liberty stash I had a print named Gemma and Kilburn Rose, which is one of my favourite prints in pink. So I stitched the picture, wrote a letter explaining about me, my family and my work and sent it off to the theatre.

Shortly afterward Kristin followed me on Twitter which meant we could have a direct conversation and I asked if it would be ok to meet up.  As she is a patron of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust I was also interested in producing some textile art with African fabrics to raise some money for charity.  We met a few weeks later.  Kristin said that Gemma Rose loved my picture and kissed it before bed each night, and then commissioned me to make another original picture for her daughter's second bedroom in New York.  This time I stitched a hedgehog, again using relevant fabrics all from Liberty of London.

I also made a party skirt and top in fabrics by Cath Kidston to remind Gemma Rose of her time in London (she especially loved Big Ben). 

And that was basically it!  

I am currently working on a series of elephant pictures with fabrics sourced by the inspiring Maggie Relph at the African Fabric Shop, and I hope that these could be sold as prints and cards for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  So watch this space for updates! There is also a bunny print very similar to the original owned by Kristin for sale in my online shop. As with everything I make, 10% of profit goes to the Railway Children Charity.