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Becoming a guest designer on Sewing Quarter

Hi everyone, 

I think it is fair to say I have been neglecting this blog.  It began to feel scary, like a long overdue library book that you are too ashamed to take back.  The simple fact is that I have been all carried away with my other social media - easy to post from my phone and to share in seconds. 

However, this blog is important to me.  When I read back over the past few years it is the best record I have of my creative and business journey.  It has helped me to record experiences, and the important and inspirational people I have met. 

It is a way to connect with an audience of like-minded people and I am going to try my best to get back on track. 

Sewing Quarter TV

One big challenge since the Autumn has been filming live television as part of the design team at Sewing Quarter.  In my previous career I was an Associate Producer for the BBC and other channels, but always behind the camera. 

I was invited for a screen test in the summer and have now made 4 appearances.  I still feel quite sick before I go into the studio and can't really eat.  However, having a platform to teach and inspire people to get sewing at home is actually making it really enjoyable.  I basically pretend I am at my studio in Ilkley and share my thoughts as I do in my classes each week - slightly trickier with no students but the presenters Jon and Natasha chat away and an hour flies by incredibly fast. 

I haven't watched my shows back - just the odd snippet, and my husband can't watch either but my mum and dad tune in every time.  

I am representing Liberty on the channel for their quilting cottons (more on that soon) and my own Hepworth Apron has sold out super quick both times. 

There's a page on my website now where you can see the shows and the link is here:

Thanks for your patience and speak to you all soon x


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