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Our exclusive Janome membership club

I have being sewing on Janome machines now for the past 12 years.  They are user friendly, reliable and can help you to be amazingly creative.

I've taught over 500 students at my classes on Janomes and only ever hear and see good things!

Janome UK are also good, honest people to work with.  Their machine lease scheme enabled me to set up as a teacher without huge costs.  They have offered me training and always encouraged each new venture I have presented to them.

Many people I teach at the Ilkley studio, or via my online tutorials ask me which sewing machine to buy, or upgrade to, so we have decided to offer a small collection of our favourite machines in our online shop - but we are actually offering a lot more than that!

I would never advocate buying a machine from an online store which isn't a recognised Janome dealer so we have teamed up with Phil at the White Rose Sewing Centre in Harrogate.  Phil has been selling and servicing sewing machines for the past 40 years.  He knows his stuff, has been asked every question and has a brilliant track record for customer service. 

Together we have selected 4 models at different price points to offer for sale.  If you have technical problems and need your machine servicing then Phil can provide that.

Plus - when you buy via our Ilkley studio or website you receive exclusive membership of our Janome club which offers you the following:

Regular video tutorials by Jenni on all the creative possibilities of your sewing machine (not available elsewhere). 

Membership of an online community focussed on the Janome machines and what you are making with them. This is a friendly and inspiring place to meet like-minded people. 

Our promise when you buy from us is:

We select what we believe to be the best, most versatile Janome machines for your creative projects.

We offer deals in accordance with Janome guidelines.

We help you to gain confidence in using your machine, and to push yourself to learn as much as possible about the model you choose.

We solve any technical or practical issues with our combined expertise.

We connect you with other makers in the community to form friendship groups who will encourage you to sew.

If you are local to Ilkley you can test drive all of the machines we sell at the studio - simply drop us a line here

To browse our Janome sewing machines visit the shop here.  Please note we are currently taking orders over the phone so they look out of stock but are available to purchase now!



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