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Quilting is cheaper than therapy

Every week I teach quilting at my studio in Ilkley.  Many of the women have been sewing with me for a number of years.  In fact, over 95% of our customers stick around, and have warned us that we are never allowed to close the studio doors!

We often discuss the fact that the cost of the each term of classes, is much cheaper than therapy.  Whilst it's a bit of a joke now, the mental health benefits of practising a craft in the company of others is real. I witness it day in, day out and it's an amazing experience.

I can recall so many moments of laughter, as well as the odd moan.  Someone gauging opinions on a situation, another person struggling with illness.  Tears, scandals, hilarious conversations, revelations - the whole lot!  

                              (We don't always drink prosecco and sew!)

The common thread is that everyone always leaves feeling better than when they arrived.  Focussing your mind on a quilt project helps to shut out the unwanted noise.  Creative inspiration from like-minded people lifts your mood.  Stroking fabric  brings happiness. Making beautiful things enriches your life.

I know for a fact that if I don't sew for a few days then I get grumpy.  It's my passion and my release in equal measure.  I figure out quite a lot of problems whilst my hands stitch,  and I am very grateful for all the special friendships that quilting has brought into my life. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this? 


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