Real women are the real inspiration behind sewing my own clothes

I suddenly realised the other day why I love Instagram so much, especially the sewing community which makes up about 99% of my feed. It is because I see real women making and wearing their own clothes. I am not staring at teeny sized models in fantasy landscapes, dressed in clothes I could never afford. Instead I see a person feeling comfortable in her own skin, celebrating her creative talents.

                                                Hila @saturdaynightstitch

Scrolling through images I might see a new pair of jeans modelled in the kitchen, or a skirt shot in bad light when it has just been finished! But when you have felt the excitement of finishing a project, you want to share it and capture that proud moment. Garments are so much more desirable because they look accessible.  

                                                        Abi @abi_norman

Makers are not inhibited by their shape or size.  They celebrate individuality and quirkiness. They share tips and ideas and give positive feedback to one another. It's inspiring, honest and a refreshing change.

                                                     Eleanor @nelnanandnora

High fashion has it's place, but these days I get way more excited scrolling through my feed than flicking through a copy of Vogue.  I suddenly want to sew a wax batik dress  or have a go at visible mending. Sewing my own gym wear is appealing, though I would then have to do move away from my machine and do some exercise.

                                                     Ruth @ruth_in_sweden

Obviously people still want to look good and I love adding a rosy filter to my photos. However I don't feel any external pressure to be a certain way, and I hope that eventually other forms of media might catch up. 

                                                            Vicki @sewvee

So thank you everybody who sews and shares and keeps me inspired every day.

Happy International Women's Day.  If you want to celebrate your creative friends then please share this post and spread the crafty love! 




  • Teknik Komputer

    What is the inspiration behind Jenni Smith’s decision to sew her own clothes? Tel U

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  • Hilary Barrett

    Wow Jenni – couldn’t agree more – at my age you’ve got to love real women !

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