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Why Jenni Smith sewing and quilt patterns are unique

On the eve of the release of my debut quilt pattern, Morris Mouse, I wanted to share a few insights. 

The strongest value in my business is to be helpful. This goal drives the studio classes that I teach, and the patterns that I produce.  I want people to improve their skills and to feel the sense of pride and achievement that I love at the end of a craft project. 

I know from experience that written instructions for any sewing or quilt pattern can be tricky - however well drafted.  I have been frustrated, confused and, at times, I may even have had a little cry when I just don't get it!

Therefore, when I wrote down my vision for the Jenni Smith Studio I pledged to produce video tutorials to compliment my products.  I am primarily a visual learner, and if I can watch a process then I find it much less daunting to have a go.

Video production is time consuming and costs money.  Many other pattern designers charge a fee for online tutorials.  However, I like to see this as my USP and the feedback on the Hepworth Apron tutorials, which have already had over 17,000 views, has been really encouraging.  

Producing Morris Mouse has been a whirlwind, with a close deadline to be able to share him on my Liberty show for Sewing Quarter this weekend.

Kay has worked on the pattern design, we have both stitched samples and tested instructions. Our designer has worked up the graphics and our printers were amazing. This week we squeezed in 2 days of filming and I have been editing the videos until the early hours each night.  Life in a small business is never boring. 

I am really proud of the finished product and I hope you are encouraged to have a go at sewing Morris up. The videos can all be watched on my YouTube channel or right here on my website, and your feedback is always much appreciated. 

The pattern is available to buy in our online shop from 10am on Sunday 25th March. 




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